fresh, fresh, EXCITING (so exciting to me)


totally got the hookup for some organic free-range farm eggs from a co-worker's sister! haven't had them yet, but am looking forward to delicious eggs this weekend for breakfast. i love how they come in such fabulous colors; it totally makes me want to own chickens.


and here's an italian sweet pepper from my garden! it's freaking huge - the other one i ate was tiny. right now, i'm having a bit of a problem in the garden, mostly from the fact that i shouldn't have planted so many zucchini and cucumber plants so damn close together (4 plants in 4 sq ft). the lower leaves are getting mildew blight, or whatever, and so i had to destroy one of them. it was starting to look bad and take over my basil, which was just unacceptable.

also? worms. i'm getting these gross nasty worms in my cucumbers. they're like, riddled with holes. swiss cucumbers. did i already talk about the thick white and yellow mucus poop piles on the leaves? no idea what it is, but they're gross. additionally, big things that look like stink bugs, but i think they're aphid wrangler bugs. maybe some assassin bugs, but those are good, right?! as you can see, i have no idea what i'm doing.

*sigh* i'm considering yanking everything out and starting over, including re-potting my strawberry plant into something (or somewhere) more appropriate. plus, the dollarweed is seriously growing all over. the dirt is riddled with their thin white vines and i cannot keep them under control. argh! i'm sure it can't be good for the roots of the veggies i'm growing/trying to keep alive.

c'est la vie.

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Sleep Goblin said...

this reminds me: petco sells chicken runs now!