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we had so much fun when ramon & alexis came down to visit! not to mention that we actually got to see and hang out with saad. after a delicious dinner at the cheesecake factory, alexis & i got our nails done while the boys went home to wait and play video games.

strangely, i never want to go to the cheesecake factory; i'm not sure why. it just seems uber corporate for some reason (oh, wait, because it is). but every time we go, we are always surprised by 1) the huge and overwhelming menu and 2) how delicious the food actually tastes.

this was most likely the second time i've ever gotten a professional manicure, the first time being for my wedding. and damn that shit is expensive! in part due to the location of the international plaza, but still. i was a little shocked when i paid at the end - i didn't even look at the prices, figuring they'd be reasonable. *sigh* alas, they were not. however, i was able to get polka dots, after many, many attempts at reaching an understanding as to what i wanted. why go for normal?

vilorio visit-1

honestly, at this point, i'm not even sure what happened each of these nights. it seems that when we hang out with ramon & alexis & saad, our wallets open up and empty out and we get super drunk (at least, as drunk as kim & anthony get, which does not involve serious hangovers nor barf).

one night we went out dancing at the castle where i had multiple delicious shots. johnny... something-or-other? it was sweet and was like lemonade.

i think.

i will also dance to anything with a beat, much to anthony's horror.

vilorio visit-5

another night found us at the independent, where we hung out in their second indoor room off the main bar. the super sucky thing about this bar is that this second room has the most terrible acoustics. big, boomy, lots of concrete. and um... we are not quiet people. ramon, for one, has the voice of thor - the boy simply cannot speak in quiet tones. ever. which is one of the reasons we love him.

at one point, people at the table next to us leaned over a shushed us (i heard this from alexis later) and right after they shushed us, ramon bellowed out at a integral part of his storytelling (he didn't hear the shushing, because, well, he was talking), "BAAAAM, PUNCH IN THE VAGINA!!!"

while i missed the shushing, i totally saw them all get up and leave.

sad to say, and maybe i'm a bitch here, but it's a bar, with bad acoustics. you're really going to shush us?! gtfo. when someone's an ass at a bar, you move to another spot. that's just how it is, so they can just eat it.

vilorio visit-8

one of these nights, we also went to the taco bus for delicious food for saad's belly (that's when these pics were taken). i barely remember going to the taco bus, but we do have fun pictures from the visit. how does alcohol totally destroy one's sense of time?

anyways, we also went to the rack, a sushi poolhall for great tasting, ridiculously priced sushi and the hyde park cafe, which on weekends, fills to the brim with douchebags and superficial women. it kind of sucks. we could have stayed longer, but felt the need to leave due to circumstances beyond our control. ant and i went home and relaxed on the couch instead.

oh, good times. and a visit to ramon & alexis in NM in the near future? oh yes. yes, indeed.

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