last weekend, for anthony's birthday, in addition to red envelopes, my parents brought a BUNCH of fruit. a box of lychee, a box of mangoes and a bag of wampee.

"wampee?" you ask? yes, wampee. they're small and soft like grapes and barely fuzzy, like a peach. they are also the perfect blend of tangy and sweet.

my family doesn't eat the skin, but i think that you could, if you were feeling lazy. you peel it and sometimes there's a pumpkin-seed-like... seed in the bigger ones. the taste is like... a tangy citrus-y peach. maybe peach with a bit of pineapple. it's sooo delicious and leaves your fingers mighty sticky. don't you just love a good natural sugar juice? licking down the forearms and dripping off the elbows? makes you long for bare feet in the grass, warm water out of the hose and the hot florida sun making the top of your head bake and radiate heat.

here's a little play by play of the peeling:




kind of looks like a little alien larvae. assuming they have a larval form. ... assuming they exist.


i'm going to attempt to plant some seeds and see what happens. it's SO RAD that we now own a house where i can actually plant this bitch.

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