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so, i'm mostly sure that these are from the pecan tree in our front yard. i'm not really sure what to do with them, so i've been picking them up and saving them near the garage (much like a squirrel would do, but with less nibbling and rabies and more open storage). the images on wikipedia show what i assume to be much bigger ones, cracked and still on the tree. these are rather small, the largest being not much wider around than my thumbs. they are green and soft and kind of fuzzy.

i am, however, very sure that these are not loquats.

(can't remember if i wrote about it before, but we thought our loquat tree was the pecan tree and subsequently did not eat any of the fruit all season, instead letting them drop to the ground and "ripen". we are idiots. we realized what what up was when our friend amy gave us the 411 without laughing at us too heartily and i was able to eat maybe 3 fruits, which of course, made my mouth itch. but we'll be ready next season, damnit!)

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miss lila said...

They could be tiny baby pecans, not big enough to eat yet though. I've always heard that it's too hot here for pecan trees to thrive - if it is a pecan tree, it's possible that it's dropping its fruit early because it's just too damn hot (it's also very likely that it's never yielded mature fruit). That sucks! I lovelovelove pecans.

On the plus side, macadamia trees do thrive here! I already have plans to plant one in the front yard one day.