well, that didn't work out so well.

today is actually monday. maybe i tried to schedule that post ON a monday. that must be it. argh.


my uterus also knew it was monday by waking me up with stabbing knife pains in my gut at 6 am. thank you, uterus! without my glasses i stumbled, arms outstretched, to the kitchen where i choked down some naan, gulped down water and ibuprofen and zonked out hard for 20 minutes. ah... the bliss and wonder of modern medicine. <3

*tmi alert* i'm totally trying out the diva cup. so far so good.

this weekend, however, was fabulous.

friday we got ice cream at bo's, where i discovered that i can eat way more ice cream if it's on a cone, rather than in a cup. saturday, my mom, dad and niece came up to visit for anthony's birthday. we met and had dim sum at chopstix and then they napped in our guest room. vince came up later in the day and we all had dinner at... (drumroll) chopstix! my parents are wonderfully predictable. we had a really great party for anthony on saturday night, kids ran around the backyard, people meandered, shots were taken and delicious beers and wines were consumed.

vincent stayed the night and sunday we relaxed, watched hot fuzz, got tea at kaleisia and FINALLY watched predators (not too bad!). and lastly, we started vince on true blood after a big meal of homemade pesto from homegrown basil. he opted to stay a second night and is, most likely, just waking up.

more weekends, please, with family and friends, thanks.

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