another 3 day weekend!

i tend to take more and more long weekends as i get antsier at work. today is my saturday! blissfully lovely.

the days are getting ever-so-slightly less humid, so i've been having more picnics in the park. the new museum of art is just next door to the library and i like to sit under the baby trees with my lunch. it's been divine. the walk back is always a smidgen sweaty, but it's worth it to get out and breathe the fresh air and not feel like i need to get through my unread items in google reader.

this morning i painted over the spots over the front door where the old house numbers used to be - looks fantastic! and then i spent a few hours in the backyard pulling weeds out from between the pavers. is there anything more satisfying? ... um, yes. but it was nice to be in the shade with the wind. i made friends with some squirrels and lizards and even repotted the mint plant that amy gave me! i'm keeping it near the kitchen door - the better to remember to water it. i hope.

my plan, which i did not share with anthony (ever my downfall), was that we'd take a long out-of-state honeymoon/vacation at the new year. however... that's going to be scuttled in favor of waiting until he has more time in bulk. since he's taking classes at 2 schools, his academic schedule at the end of fall is eff'd up, meaning less time to actually relax before classes start again in the spring.

argh! definitely frustrating, but i'm crossing my fingers that i'm able to go to a conference in october to california again. sure, it's for work. but it's travel! and i'd go up at least an extra day and rent a car. i know that my need to vacation will be a little quelled then by the new year and i'll be set for a holiday in the summer. for realz.

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Madge said...

I have the same bug! :(

Actually, I'd love to take a trip to St. Pete Beach and stay here. Have you heard anything about it?

Here's to...California!