frisbee golf!

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i knew that there were such things as frisbee golf, but i didn't realize that there were actually different weights and styles of discs when playing.

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visiting my family this past saturday, vince broke out his set and we played frisbee with them. they're not actually... made for catching (hence our nephew's "broken" leg), but they got the job done. as well as making me insanely sweaty and sore the next few days (i REALLY need to get in shape).

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as you can see, not made for catching.

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isn't my brother adorable? i mean, handsome.

i think vince was hoping that frisbee would tire our nephew out. FAIL. instead, it only tired our the adults, who caved and went inside looking for water and air conditioning. playing frisbee was only an appetizer of excitement and energy for lee, who spend the rest of the evening in this excited state:

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Smirking Cat said...

Kids can not be worn out. Even if they get tired, they will fight sleep by acting wired and hyper and crazy. Either way, they are bouncing off the walls.