gettin' on

about a week ago, i finally got around to getting custom orthopedic inserts made! these are my plaster feet casts.

when i was in elementary school (or was it middle?), my mom had some clear amber ones made for me. i have rolling ankles, see, and they're a bit weaker than most ankle joints. and i hated them! it was difficult to find shoes that fit (that i also liked and would wear) and when i wore them in gym class, they'd shift forward in my shoes so that i'd land on the back edge with my heel, causing me insane amounts of pain. i still cringe in pain thinking about it.

so they went away.

and now, 20 years later i really realize... my ankles suck. and i need to really do something about it. it's funny that i'd never done anything about it before. i knew they were bad, but just... you know how it goes. you're young, you're invincible. screw the future pain!

i had been told that my ankles, on account of their rolling in, would give me ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain. and so far... all true. well, except for the hip pain.

my ankles hurt when i walk for any long amount of time and my lower back has been giving me pain even when i'm not on my period. after i fell while bowling (injuring my ankle) and threw my back out (while carrying a 20 lb. sewing machine) - i've just been a mess. i always take elevators when i have to go up floors and i don't get to be as active as i'd like.

well, soon this shall all change! soon my sage green newfangled shoe inserts will arrive! i've been told that the technology is better and while i will still have trouble finding shoes, it's not as horrific as before. plus, my camper shoes should work well with them - i can't wait to try! i've been holding off on buying new shoes just for these inserts.

they totally make me feel old, to be getting them. but i suppose the point is that i won't FEEL as old wearing them.

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