more ZZZZZs, please

these grey rainy wintry (64 degrees!) days make me want to sleep in. ... or sleep under my desk with my little heated throw.

i'm feeling vaguely irritated that my coworkers conned me into being the pickup person for our lunch. yesterday, as they left, they let me know they were thinking of getting lunch out. ooo! yay! this morning we gathered in their office to pick out orders and decide on a pick-up time - "oh, no, we can accommodate your schedule and get the food whenever! we were going to have you pick it up."


typical. i'll be less irritated once i get my hot & sour soup. *sigh* but i'll not be tricked again, bastards.

i'm also irritated at anthony's boss, who isn't being prompt about anthony's vacation time in march. we need to book tickets, bitch! get with it and get him an answer! TODAY!!

and more irritation at the disgusting coffee/half n half fiasco this morning:

things that make me really sad.

yes. i am highly anticipating lunch. my hunger is not easing the Grump within.

massage? more coffee? nap?

sadly, no.

just work and cold fingers.

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