In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.

amazingly enough, i didn't take my camera out once for our lunar new year party last night. the only photo snapped was of the cake i made, right before i cut into it. weird, right?

i think it was because it was rainy out and so everyone had to stay inside the whole time. our house was packed TO THE BRIM. total children count: ten! they fully enjoyed playing and screaming in our guest bedroom together - it was pretty adorable.

we made vegetarian dumplings and had a ton of snacks.

mentally, i'm quite sure i freaked out and just ran about like a mad woman trying to say hello to everyone - i'm sure that part of me comes from my mom. and that's most likely why the camera never made an appearance.

- the signature sheet from our wedding

lawrence made a comment towards the beginning of the night, "i feel like i'm at a target team meeting". because almost everyone was wearing red of some sort! for luck. and that's all i kept thinking all night long! ... maybe that's why the camera didn't come out. HA! (no, no, rachel, don't give him grief about it - it was pretty hilarious.)

i actually can't wait to have one next year when it's hopefully not raining. we had cleaned up the backyard and everything! it's all set up to have string lights hung for better lighting outside, as well. all the outdoor plans for naught!

but perfect for later in the week when the sun decides to come out again. i really miss the sun - oddly, i'm craving warmth and heat and the beach and an easy read.

or, you know, paris. or rome.

title quote - nietzsche

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