leaving on a jet plane

so we did it! we finally booked our honeymoon tickets, 2 years later.

the upside is that we get to travel when we're not stressed with wedding planning or with looking for a house.

it was a long hard drag to find the time to do this, what with diminishing vacation time and classes, but it finally worked out.

4 nights in paris and 5 nights in rome.

we'd originally wanted to do 2 cities. then we wanted to do one city, which was the point in time where i had to make the hardest decision i had ever made in my life - paris or rome?! seriously, it was hard. i settled on paris, but still had many reservations and deep seated sad thoughts about missing out on gelato and italian hot chocolate and delicious pasta.

thankfully, anthony then decided 2 cities was doable! hot damn i am so stoked. so. stoked.

did i mention that i'm stoked?

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