back. brain dead.

still utterly out of it and sadly working today.

all my brain connections appear to have malfunctioned and broken apart at some point during the plane ride back - probably between newark and tampa. that last leg of a flight back from overseas is always the most zombie-fied.

the trip was wonderful. and i didn't get nearly as much gelato as i needed. i have discovered that i really need more hats when i travel anywhere with sub-60 degree weather.

note to self: knit yourself a hat.

i have also discovered that while rome is a cultural mecca of history, it's dirty, dirty, dirty. four visits to the city has not changed my mind in the least.

rereading hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world has now made me want to fix and wear my watch again. there's something fantastically sexy about watches. but for me, metal watches. i love the chunky snap of the thin clasp and the way the metal warms to the skin.

more later, maybe with pictures.

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Sleep Goblin said...

i'm so glad to know of something you need! now i can provide a free (to me) birthday present to you that is useful! yay!!!! happy belated birthday!