per favore, puo aiutarme?

(seriously, so many apologies if this shows up multiple times in your reader...)

as a general rule, i'm don't like most fashion blogs.

well, that's not true, i'm a snob and don't like fashion blogs unless they're really well done. and posting dress up pictures and asking for thoughts feels... sad.

*ahem* however, that said, i'm about to fly in the face of danger.

so i made a circle scarf out of some (kind of) thick knit fabric - what do you think? too thick? i'm actually at a loss here. i wanted one of those american apparel circle scarves, but didn't want to shell out the big bucks even though it's a seamless piece of work. i wanted it to keep me warm on the plane and in europe, where it's a teensy bit chillier than here in sunny, already-hot florida.

ok, enough blather, i shall let the pictures speak for themselves (there should be 5 of them):


the faraway stare

over the shoulders

circle scarves make great gliding wings

obi wan

as you can see, my noise reduction setting was insane high - way too high. whoops!
also, i just can't take myself seriously. ignore the weird hair.

too big? my one option is to cut it in half so it's not as thick.

my pea coat seems too much for 47 degree weather, though i do get chilly easily. maybe i'll try it out on friday and see how i feel, it's supposed to dip into the 40s, i believe. real life testing!


Sleep Goblin said...

I like the way it looks in the first photo a lot, and think the versatility of it as seen in the other photographs will make it really handy (like a shawl! or a hat! DONE).

I still want to learn how to make that one cowl thing I shared a while back with the multi-threads and jumbo knit.

yen said...

So, does this contraption have a name? I can see nestling a baby in these too!

The Sweets said...

Hmmm.... i checked out American Apparel's version- looks pretty spot-on to me. i dig it; but, perhaps because you are a lithe little thing, it might seem a tad bulky. i bet it gets better with washing.

Michelle said...

I like it! great color, versatile look!

Have a million kinds of fun! I'm so happy for and jealous of you all!