all things quack

when anthony and i took our little spur of the moment vacation day, we headed out to st pete for some sun and food. we stopped at wildwood bbq for lunch and enjoyed the gorgeous florida weather with our feet in the water. days like that make florida sublime - a hot sun with a cool breeze.

later we went to mazzaro's.

mazzaro's. my new hero.

we got fresh gnocchi and ravioli and........... check it!

we actually didn't splurge this time, however, should i wish to make my OWN duck fat fries, now i know where to come.

truth be told, i'm hesitant to try duck hot dogs. not sure why. maybe it was the $9 price tag. which, split up between multiple dogs really isn't so bad.

we also got some sfogliatelle, cheese and chocolate. that place rocks our socks.


Smirking Cat said...

I didn't know duck hot dogs existed. The last time I ate duck, I looked out the window of the restaurant and saw an innocent duck swimming around outside, unaware I was eating his buddy.

fb said...

Lamb in the hot dogs in Iceland.