always past my bedtime

a while ago, i mentioned that i had some goals:

1) business taxes
2) finishing up wedding photos for a client
3) buying a new camera
4) finding creative sparks

the good news is that 1-3? completed.

currently feeling blah and low, but that's all attributed to going to bed at midnight last night. what was i thinking?!

ah yes, i remember. i'm trying to relax more by not setting an alarm on the weekends. result? i sleep in between 10 and 11 am, and then i stay up late getting random things done, causing me to sleep in later on sundays (*ahem*), which just totally effs up my schedule on mondays. it's a vicious cycle. i'll probably need to start setting my weekend alarm for 9 again. hm.

more current goals:

1) finish wedding photos for another client
2) get organized, because clutter is killing me
3) chop off the mullet (haircut scheduled tuesday!)
4) make more time for creativity
5) order business cards
6) rework portfolio website

oh yes, and

7) keep plants alive

upcoming blog topics: the trip! a comparison of french "macarons" and ones from datz deli! random mutterings! more taste, less filling!

p.s. tea really sucks once it's gone cold. coffee? with cream and sugar? now i can sip that all day long. maybe some of you find that gross. if so, please feel free to send me your coffee, right now, because this cold ass double bergamot is just sitting here, staining my mug.

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Dragonslayer said...

My coffee from this morning is in the mail!