my very first pea blossom. SUCCESS!!

last year they withered in the full sun before they got 4 inches tall. very sad. they're doing much better in the shade of a large tree, in a round pot with chicken wire trellising. in FACT, when i checked more recently, there appeared to be a baby pea on it!

imagine it now: large clean, white, dinner plate, one lone, verdant and plump pea in a small pool of butter. maybe a little anthill of salt & pepper, appropriately placed off-kilter, to tease the appetite.

... that's actually making me really hungry.

(no surprise there.)

in any case, i believe i have 6 pea plants (THANK YOU AMY! for saving me after i accidentally and heavily stomped on my seedlings...) - hopefully they'll produce enough for actual food. i've read that heirloom plants don't usually produce their fruit all at the same time, unlike more commercial varieties. so i'm guessing one should have more plants growing at the same time - perhaps 6 is enough. we shall see; all in due time.

the fact that i haven't killed these plants is cause for celebration enough. zucchini are supposedly easy to grow. LIARS. powdery mildew has beset my plants - i've been pouring diluted milk over their diseased leaves to try and save them, it seems to be working on at least one of them.

all in all - garden is surviving!

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