I tried, I really tried

I tried, I really tried, originally uploaded by gimchi.


well, that sucked.

i tried to send this via email, but my entire message was deleted!!

the gist of it was: i WANT to like bloody marys. because i like ketchup. and tomatoes. and when i go italian restaurants, i almost exclusively order tomato-based sauces, which sometimes drives anthony a little batty.

and i like how bloody marys feel so... white trashy hangover with curlers. else, nouveau riche in a lushy kind of way.

so this morning at brunch, i tried one at datz! instead of celery, i got a thick slice of bacon. WIN!

'tasty', i thought, as i nibbled the end, fatty and slightly tomato-y.

first sip: ZZZIIINNNNGGGG! spicy!

and so i sipped it through the first part of my meal until i just couldn't do it anymore. the amount i ingested was minimal, but it just got... spicy gross. like a spicy ketchup drink that was going to give me an insane stomachache.

i just couldn't do it. but i did give it my best shot!


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Smirking Cat said...

I thought that was bacon...intriguing but kind of gross at the same time.