bridal shower weekend

quick overview, for memory's sake:

got in to gainesville on friday, had a quiet lunch at the flying biscuit. meaghan was unavailable, i was hungry and in need of sustenance. i read and even talked to someone at the end! social anxiety be damned!

meaghan and i got together and planned for saturday, filling a picnic basket and making lists.

then off to do some organic blueberry picking!

and lastly, delicious dinner at erika's, made mostly by nick, followed by exercise with the kinect and dance central.

saturday we awoke and met rachel & amanda at meaghan's for a crepe brunch - organic blueberry compote, fresh (raw milk) cream, homemade lemon curd (*DROOL*), homemade nutella, bananas and other such fruits.

a quick jaunt to the farm to meet meaghan's cow and amanda's horse - we saw chickens and dogs and cats and a donkey and a goat and an emu - all in bridal shower attire. then we picked up a white chocolate cheesecake from an old hs friend who does baked goods on the side.

bead shop where we ate the cheesecake and asti and were accosted by the owner's daughter who talked all about her life and her aunt's life and her WOW account ad naseaum.

starbucks for an energy break and then dinner at leonardo's 706. 4 meals total: 3 steaks and 1 vegetarian pasta. sorry, erika!

met up with john for drinks and a downtown gainesville walkabout. attempted to see erika's brother's band - no dice - we were too late! john stayed at erika & nick's and then.... TUBING!

/end blissful weekend

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