the blueberry farm was on the honor system. drive up, grab a bucket and pickpickpick.

tip: it's a good idea to taste from each bush, just to make sure it's a good one. no one likes a sour bush.

(that's what she said.)




meaghan was a total pro - her final weight was 3 lbs! we were there for maybe... 20 minutes? my final weight was 1.5 lbs. granted, i took some time to take these photos, so maybe... oh, let's be real. no way i'll be a blueberry picker anytime soon.

blueberry eater? YES.



really need to see if tampa has something like this nearby. i loved that this place was so close to meaghan's house, on the way to erika's. it just made it so easy to get a fuckton of blueberries for super super cheap. did i mention that it was $2 a pound? perfect for picking and freezing and maybe even making jam.

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