remember this?


the good news is that our little kitten, wash, is actually playing with his sardines!! he's starting to get crazy frisky and clearly wants to kill me, as he runs between my walking feet with reckless abandon.

reck. less.

even more, he loves wine corks and pieces of paper that skitter across the hardwood floor.

(yammie, of course, is too dignified to play.)

i'd made a few extra, so i sent one to ruby (who hopefully liked it) and then brought another to erika's cats, theo and hazel.

holy. mother fucking. shit.

those cats went batshit over the sardine. bat. shit. crazy.

this is theo:


and this is hazel:


theo is definitely the dominant cat in the house - strong and lithe. i have 2 claw scratches on the top of my foot that are just now beginning to heal.

hazel was a sweetheart and was very difficult to get near, or photograph. she also licked the sardine to within an inch of it's life. the felt eyeballs? grey. the 'X' sewn eyes? unrecognizable. the length of the sardine toy? sopping. wet. when i left, it didn't even resemble the original toy, but for the vague shape and a barely discerable blue. somehow, it looked really dirty, as though it had been dragged through dirt.

*shudder* it was so gross.

so, not an utter failure!


Sleep Goblin said...

Look at your with your brand new design! (well, i don't know when you actually changed it, but new to me!)

I'm glad your sardines are a success! That licking thing Hazel was doing is exactly what Winston does to felt and catnip-filled things. It's rather disgusting. For such dry little tongues, they sure can make something sopping wet.

mahlichai said...

oooh Oreo says he wants one ;>