tipsy thoughts at 10:15 pm

1. i am getting old.

2. i need a private blog.

3. wine is yummy.

4. new job is... coloured by my uterus. must take vitals again in a week.

5. i need more wine.

6. i miss being a librarian.

7. i apparently have very little patience.

8. i need to be like steve jobs and look death in the face and just fucking start carrying my camera with me all the time without worrying that i'm looking like a typical asian with a camera.

9. i need to eat more duck.

10. i need to sew more, but not when tipsy.

11. my cats are freaking adorable and fuzzles.

12. i can, in fact, survive climbing 26 flights of stairs.

13. i need to get business cards already - thoughts? bueller?

14. i need less frumpy clothing.

1 comment:

miss lila said...

I am getting old too! The whole cusp-of-30 thing, WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE OMG, still feeling like an overgrown college kid (but at least I don't feel like an overgrown teenager any more?), etc - but I also have friends who are 21-ish, and thank goodness I don't feel like THAT anymore! I love the introspection and self-awareness that comes with age, but the expectations can get a little out of hand sometimes.

I totally agree with #8. I'm still adjusting to DSLR and how blatantly conspicuous it is when taking pictures... except that my fear is looking like a typical aging hipster with a camera. Thank god I don't live in Oregon.

I need business cards too. Eh.

I think we need to get together and tackle #10 and #14 in one fell swoop! Wine and maybe a movie after?