that's right, i did shit today


shirt, sewn.

(if annie reads this - apologies that i didn't send a pic of the fabric sooner.)

i haven't fully finished the neck or arms as of yet - they're supposed to be completed with binding tape. i'm wondering - tape made with the same material, or a solid color? red would be the obvious choice, but maybe a green or blue would make it pop? anthro-style? i'll have to bring a swatch in to jo-ann's sometime this week. should one pre-wash binding tape? will that stuff totally bleed? won't it get all knotted up in the washing machine on its own? internet research, here i come.

here's a close-up of the fabric, the unfinished neckline and my clavicle. the fabric is a super light cotton, probably was supposed to be for quilting, and is so cute i want to scream.

the pattern was pretty damn easy, though overall the shirt is a teeny bit big, especially at the bottom. stupidly, i sewed the hem before i even tried it on (BAD KIM, BAD!), so now i'm irritable that if i wanted to put in a side seam zipper, i'm a little screwed.

i'm REALLY good at doing things that require me to do more work. over and over again. possibly i'll just leave it and this will have to be a tuck-in shirt. it looks business casual and is great for the summer! (you know, now that it's practically september. that's ok, good thing i live in florida.)

i'd also like to take this moment to mention that my sewing table is totally clean.

can't say the same thing for the rest of the craft room.


Sleep Goblin said...

OH MY GOD that's adorable! I vote blue for the binding. I really love contrasting binding, and I think blue will give the best pop. Otherwise, I say go with the actual fabric.

You should sew me some shirts. I haven't quite had the guts to try sewing clothes yet. I'm terrified of ruining fabric, and too cheap to buy shitty fabric (because, if it turns out, well, I have a useless garment.)

annie said...

my comment:!:

all is forgiven. that is totally cute! blue bias binding would be fun. or green. i'm torn. and i never wash bias binding. i've never had it bleed, but that doesn't mean anything. i'm really good at completely disregarding sewing rules and then kicking myself later. i thought the hem seemed awfully big, too, though it is not so big in the top.

i envy your clean sewing table. mine is never clean. nor is the rest of the sewing room, which doubles as a guest room, which makes hosting a tiny difficulty ("you don't mind sleeping among fabric scraps and glitter, do you?")

(p.s. the word verification to post this is cutorama. i totally laughed because i've never seen a more appropriate (and nostalgic) word verification. cut-o-rama!)

annie said...

p.p.s. i have no idea where those colons came from. i must be more sleepy than i thought.