last sewing update for a little bit

random:  not sure i like the new blogger interface.  too much white space?  icons not immediately understandable?  weird.

anyways, i finished my sorbetto top!

uhhhhhh, i think the binding ruined it.  maybe a wash will make it better?

not too shabby from here - not fully sold on the green.  the only blues they had weren't *quite* what i wanted.

 but then - wonkwonkwonk.

under the arms, the binding gets all.... flat and stiff. 

also, did i mention that i don't really know how to sew binding? 

or curves?


and here, as you notice, the binding along the top looks all wonk, too.

the directions didn't specify cutting the binding to make it lay flat, it just said to sew it on. 

sorry for the crappy pictures, by the way.  at some point i'll try and use a better camera, the one on the computer is just so convenient!!

*sigh*  anyways, enough sewing for now.  still need to sew a magnetic curtain for the door, but i think i need to take a small break and clean up my mess (you know, a curtain for the lazy movie marathon days when it's blazingly bright out and the window on the door disrupts one's television enjoyment).

*another sigh*  stupid sorbetto top.  at least i have a bunch of fabric left - i can sew maybe a double layer skirt, that's kind of easy.


annie said...

the green binding....hmm...doesn't give it the effect i was thinking of, i think. but it's still super cute and definitely wearable. the more i look at it the more i like it.

what do you mean by cutting the binding to make it lay flat? i just sew it on. how did you sew on the binding?

(word verification today: supper. still awesome)

miss lila said...

I'm def with you on the green binding.. Hmmm. Maybe a thinner tape would be better? The blouse is still super suuuper adorable though and I covet it.

I think I remember a trick with sewing bias tape around curves, I believe you can lightly steam & press it into shape before sewing? The bias lets it curve and stretch in ways tape typically doesn't want to.