sewing update

knits - not so scary anymore.  i've got to find a place that sells good quality knits with fantastic patterns, because i just filled up my virtual shopping cart at the anthro online store.  must... not... click... checkout.... 

this morning, after i woke up at 7 with a hangover, downing 2 glasses of water and passing out again, then waking at 9 and drinking more water, taking a nap until 10 then having some ibuprofen with breakfast (BACON!  EGGS!  BAGELS!  KETCHUP!  SRIRACHA!), i worked on my dress.


it fits!

it took 3 tries to get it taken in enough in the right spots.  i'm still not fully satisfied, but it will have to do.  i find that i like a lot more ruching/scrunching action with my knits.  the pattern only had 2 little pleats (in the wrong spot, since i made the larger size), so what i'm going to do is make them bigger on the pleat side, add an extra one and add buttons on top of them.  black buttons?  buttons in another color?

yea, i'm not really sure how it'll look in the end, but hey!  i'm trying!  plus, if i wear it at night, no one will be able to tell the difference (that's what i'm telling myself, at least).

see, kind of like where those colorful pin heads are.  maybe i should space them more evenly apart.  ... or maybe they look good all wonk?

i know, it's hard to concentrate looking at that picture because MY GUNS ARE SO BIG.  check out that little bicep bump!  pure muscle, my friends, pure muscle. 

did i mention on tuesdays i'm going to the free county midgie gym and taking a toning/cardio class?  it kicks my ass and i don't have time to shower afterward, but it makes me feel good.  a group of us have also been doing the stairs 3-5 times a week.  we went from 2 people to a total of 6 so far.  we struggle and huff and sweat together for 25 flights, it's pretty rad.

i never thought i'd be one of "those" people ("those" stupid people who go to the gym on their lunches and take the stairs and feel superior, but it's happening.  WTF.  i'm calling it my third-of-a-life crisis.  at least i didn't buy a red convertible.


Sleep Goblin said...

1. HAWT!
2. I love ruching myself. Go for it.
3. I'm kinda liking the pop of color, so I vote color buttons.
4. I have biceps too! Bri has been making me to P90X with her in my craft room almost daily... she is the devil. She also is now dragging me to a bikram yoga class, with made me so hot and dizzy that I started crying. *sigh*
5. What is in your spray bottle on the ironing board? I need a better ironing board for my craft room :P

annie said...

yay for you! i'm ever so slowly becoming more and more convinced the difficulty of knits lies mostly in my head. and yay for stairs and biceps! i'm totally jealous of your guns.

in one of my recent (and incredibly boring) blog posts is a link to my flickr thing and you can see my sorbetto top. maybe i can catch the sewing bug and finish the other that's been languishing on my ironing board for three weeks.

you have the BEST word verification! today's is nutbag. how do you get to be so awesome?