last month?
found out that the subfloor under the tub needs to be replaced in a big bad way, so we're most likely going to do a remodel of the entire bathroom, as it's our least favorite part of the house. 
ant brought up the idea of a clawfoot tub and i went all batshit crazy with excitement, though finally, after 3 weeks of talking about it, i think we may just go with a larger soaking tub (or whatever they're called).
we've gotten estimates from a few people and will hopefully begin sometime in mid-october.  must remember to get the halloween decorations out now, as that will keep me feeling sane while the house erupts in dust all around me.  reminder: buy a chamberpot.
and this weekend one of my oldest friends got married!  i'll post a few pics in a week or so - i went crazy and took like, 1,500 pics.  i had just gotten my camera back from it's factory fix and they supposedly "tweaked" the autofocus.  ugh.  i'm worried that some pics didn't come out, but as there were a few people there with DLSRs, i believe that it'll work out.
i don't think i was even that stressed at my own wedding; matron of honor + photographer = oy!
i'm still a little sore from all the photography, but get this.  we get home, i'm exhausted, we're laying out on the couch.  i bring a cold, delicious beer to my lips when WHAM - kitten jumps up to say hello, crashes into the beer bottle (shakes his head groggily and wobbles off), which crashes into my teeth and suddenly i feel pain and taste blood and feel grit on my tongue.
all i can think is: OMG, my tooth is going to fall out.
i always have dreams of wobbly teeth, which is supposedly symbolic of anxiety or instability, but you know, i think that i just really have a fear of losing my teeth.
after making my way to the bathroom, confirming it's not glass in my mouth, but tooth bits, we realize it's just a little chipped tooth.  thankfully, it seems that it's chipped vertically, mostly along the back of my tooth.  i should probably get it filed, since i can't stop tonguing it.  bit of a sore lip, life goes on.


The Sweets said...

Wow.. sounds like insanity might be a bit of an understatement. I have had some experience with replacing subflooring (DIY back in the day). Was not fun. Call if you need someplace to shower; though our single bathroom gets pretty busy at night, I'd be happy to switch to a morning schvitz to clear a block of time. I'm glad you got your camera back- I hope that it is a return to former awesomeness and not a new problem. Sorry 'bout the tooth. Remind me to tell you about my friend Burt, the leprechaun/lumberjack sometime (less interesting than I made that sound).

annie said...


I have dreams about wobbly teeth, too. I think it's just a fear of losing my teeth. Hope you get it fixed soon.

I'd love a clawfoot tub! Sadly, a bathroom remodel is at the very bottom of our list of things to take care of for this house. I will be excited to see your bathroom transformation, though. Is it going to be the real deal, super duper remodel where you get to pick out tile and flooring and accessories?