tonight's goal

clean clean clean!
the house has kind of been in shambles since we found out we needed to replace the subfloor.  it's like... we just stopped caring all of a sudden.  whoops!  but life goes on and the house marches inexorably towards chaos.  the garage, however, is very clean.  (well, as clean as it's gonna get.)
the backyard?  also not clean.  maybe that'll happen tonight, too.  i'm hoping it doesn't rain, mostly so i can lay in the hammock - the weather has been PERFECT for hammock-laying.  hammock-lounging.  i'm not popping out a hammock.
yes, i just talked about cleaning like crazy and also lounging in a hammock in the same blog post.  *sigh*
oh man, what else?  i feel that there's so much going on, but when i get down to it... it's just this remodel.  ugh.  this weekend we really need to finalize decisions and select a contractor.  while we can do stuff, like maybe lay tile, taking out and installing a new tub?  not really something we want to learn.  i know, i know, lazy bums, at your service.

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Rrramone said...

clean is overrated. :-)