back on the bandwagon (for tonight)

tonight, i was trying to sew this skirt. she used an elastic band and is wearing it with a belt. such fashion eludes me. a belt? for a skirt? just for decoration?

*shaky googley eyes*

anyways, i forged onward - hey, i've got a polka dot fabric laying around! it's some kind of synthetic i inherited from my mom's stash and unfortunately, i realize now that i don't have quite enough to make it... fall right. like in the above picture. also, i'm too lazy to wear the right shirt to offset the skirt in the following photos.


super bleh! it makes me look like a fucking bell. it poofs out just enough to look wrong and not enough to look right. *sigh*

so now i'm thinking something like this. more pencil skirt. but it definitely needs a lining. (*ahem*) the skirt material itself feels like a lining, a slip-kind of material. what kind of lining do you use with that? 2 layers of slippery fabric? or a simple thin white muslin? hot pink cotton sheet?

i'm hoping it'll be easy... ish. not sure how the sides should be shaped.

colette shirt was never finished, it's currently sitting, cat-ironed into a sad bundle to the right of my sewing machine.

november goal.

finish these 2 bits of clothing.


annie said...

frigging internet lost my comment.

point i was trying to make a: it's cute how it is!

point i was trying to make b: you could make a little ruffly kind of petticoat to peak out and that would make it look bell-shaped on purpose and be sweet. maybe too sweet, though.

point i was trying to make c: making it a pencil skirt and lining it would be a cute idea. i line with whatever i have, but it doesn't always work.

bleh. dumb internet.

Sleep Goblin said...

I thought the bell shape was cute too. Definitely would need the exact right top though, and that would really limit how you could wear it.

I think the pencil skirt is pretty hot though. I think I'd line it with something satiny? I'm new at this.

I'm currently trying to make a pattern from the button up shirt I own that fits the best so I can both make new ones and alter the ones I have that are entirely too large. There are some aspects of losing weight that are annoying. Not enough to gain it back though.