this was my lunch - it was lovely.  had a crepe from the downtown market, a co-worker bought a sugar crepe to share, we walked to the park, he had a cigar, i took some photos and we mostly basked in the sun.
my brain is thick and heavy due to this strange headcold.  nothing too crazy in terms of stuffiness, just general head congestion and thick thoughts and heavy eyelids.  and exhaustion.
i anticipate a night of rice and potstickers, maybe some cooked romaine or roasted broccoli.  soy sauce.  garlic.  fresh hot thai peppers from the garden.  rice wine vinegar.  couch.  quilt.  cats.  fringe.  grimm (is that shit on at the same time?  hmmm...).  not too shabby.
life moves on.  the job is... way more "corporate-y".  i feel more of a need to look "professional", which i hate.  i miss the library, but everyone is so unhappy there right now.  morale is low and friends are so not happy about decisions being made.  *sigh*
this week i cleaned the guest room, which now frees me to clean the atelier.  must get that in order.  you know, again.  the usual.  need to work on and finish photos, update the shop and order business cards.  FOR REALZ.  that item, "order business cards", has been on my to-do list for forever.
feel free to yell at me if i haven't done it by monday.  a sharp slap on the hand ought to do the trick.  and then you should buy me a strawberry ice to dry my tears.

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