the current crazy


Sleep Goblin said...

Hey, at least you can see the floor! Which is not the case when my craft room gets crazy. Which is pretty much all the time. ;)

annie said...

yeah! you have floor space! and storage space! and it's not sharing space with random music teacher belongings and random stuff my mom saved my entire life and then shoved at me when i got my own house and random paperwork and filing. it's a good day when i can see a clear path from my ironing board to my sewing machine. :) what do you have planned?

kimberlina said...

yep! floor space is there. and there should be more of it in the future, once i get some of that extra furniture out of the way. i'm kind of lucky in that it's always been *my* space. i'm just trying to make it work perfectly for my needs.

(anthony's got the back band room, but we share it as an exercise area - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - ahem.)