faux google reader, let's DO THIS

so, i'm bowing to pressure and will be using google plus a bit more, mostly in order to recreate a google reader/buzz experience.  it will still be a pain to switch between the two, but let's see how it goes, yes?  because i really miss you all!
process:  i created a "faux google reader" group of those who used to share on reader.  then, when i go to the home area, i can filter my view to only see this "faux google reader" group.  TA DA.
so expect me to post a bit more to plus.  not sure if i'll post to all friends, or just the faux group.  anyone know if google reader has a good app available?  i use byline, which i love, but i don't think it shares items in plus.  oh, technology.  oh, first world problems. 
... maybe i DO need to charge that tablet back up.  well, fuckity.


annie said...

i have no idea about an app, but yay faux circle! maybe i'll actually start using google+ more now...

Madge said...

hooray! brilliant.

i WANT to use g+ more. in fact, i'd like to do away with my FB account entirely. the only thing is, just a handful of folks i know are on g+. and now that certain (aged!) family are on FB, i feel like i must remain there so they can see photos of george.

all that said, i too will make more of a g+ presence! FAUX GOOGLE READER!