in the last two weeks, i've gone running - not once, but twice
i know, i'm a rockstar.  BOOM.
or a masochist.
don't ask me why, but i've actually *felt* like going running lately.  then again, i'm only going for about 15 minutes at a time.  and, to be honest, i'm doing a hell of a lot more walking than running, most likely.
the first time was on a monday.  1 mile.  15 minutes.  i was sore until friday.  FRIDAY.  pretty pathetic, even with stretching out.
the second time was this past sunday.  1.2 miles.  15 minutes.  just a little sore today, but what still really hurts are the arches of my feet.  i'm trying this new (to me) way of running and it's definitely easier on the body.  it also bothers me less in that my glasses don't bounce all over my face as much.  and it feels better once you get the hang out of it.  i had to practice a little bit - during the first run i'd tried to do it, but couldn't envision it; i couldn't get my body to understand what i wanted to do.  when i re-read the article in the new york times, i did some of the practices that it references to ready your body and they helped a lot.
confession:  even now, i have running fears.  thinking about them gets my heart rate up and my palms get all cold clammy.  i've never been a runner.  and to my knowledge, i've never slammed face first into the pavement while on a run, but that's one of my biggest running fears.  i'm running, then suddenly i don't lift my foot high enough and say, the toe of my shoe skips along the pavement, causing my body to slam into the sidewalk.  and then my mind references those vibram shoes and i can almost feel how my toes could catch underneath me, again, causing me to fall.  it's the little moment, the toes catching on the pavement that really get me.  let's hope it's not prophetic.


Sleep Goblin said...

Yay you!!!! I hate running, but I'm trying it now too.

Your running fears remind me very much of my driving fears. It doesn't happen much now, but for years, as I drove along the interstate (as I used to do a lot going back and forth between college and my different city parents and my differenter city boyfriend), I would imagine myself going through the windshield (as if it weren't there) and sliding along the pavement at 75mph. Like, I would see the car sort of separate, and there would be the road, hurtling along below me, and I'd just fall onto it. Road burn. Pain. It was a horrifying thing to envision while actually driving.

Dragonslayer said...

Were the fronts of your shins also sore from running like this? When I started running in Vibrams, both my arches and that part of my shins would get tired. I only skimmed the NYT article, so maybe I don't have their form right.

Congrats on running, though. Wish I had the motivation to do it!

VT said...

AHHH! I started running recently too! AND I'm currently reading Born to Run! Do you have anything on your phone to keep track of your pace/distance? Seeing how far I've run not just on one day, but since I downloaded the app. Sense of accomplishment! (I use Nike +)
ALSO - I feel like I have a tendency to trip while running due to uneven pavement, but luckily we have a track near us, so I just go running there.

DJ Jazzy Jen said...

That's awesome Kim! Let me know if you ever want to go on a run with me. I'm working on running another 5K towards the end of this month. And don't worry, I am terribly uncoordinated in all things athletic and I have never tripped and fallen while running. :-)

~Jennie D.