some comments on hard lotion

may have used too much beeswax - this stuff is HARD.  having to scrape it out using the backs of my nails and/or a guitar pick.
it does soften up ok on the fingers and keeps hands moisturized.  or maybe not so much moisturized as... protected in a very waxy manner.
used a bit on my legs/ankles since they get rather dry and in the shower last night, found it difficult to scrub off.  oops!
next time, more shea butter/coconut oil, i think.

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Sleep Goblin said...

I've never made my own hard lotion, but I did buy this a while back (and then again when it ran out, because I loved it so much).


I kind of wish I had another one...

I will say that one of them I threw away because I forgot about it and when I found it again, it didn't smell right. So beware! They have expiration dates!