things. are. crazy.

i'm finally done with my last scheduled wedding.  it occurs to me that i cannot (CANNOT) handle 3 weddings in 2 months with a full time job. i'm utterly overwhelmed.  i'm excited that i have no other weddings scheduled, so i can edit photos with wild, wild abandon and when i'm done, i can actually do some things for myself, for once.

i'm amazed with how far i've come with photography; maybe i'll post some before and afters.  i love working with my brother, though i do wish he were a nikon shooter, instead of canon.  i'm always surprised at how fully and completely i'm exhausted the day after a wedding - my entire body is still sore and achey 2 days later.  name a muscle group and i'm sure i'm feeling pain.  even the muscles/tendons in my fingers hurt.  full body massage?  YES, PLS.

tonight: book club.  then i'll be staring at a computer screen for the next month non-stop.  *sigh*

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Sleep Goblin said...

I would love some photos. I'm still sad all the time that you couldn't shoot my wedding.