never ever shake a baby

ah, bliss. 20 hours of driving can really wear one out! ... well, ok, 5 hours of driving and 15 hours of sitting in the passenger seat can really wear one out. let's be honest, eh? anthony did all of the driving to new orleans. we left thursday at 11:00 at night and got there at around 7 am (their time). the most exciting part of the drive was going through mobile, alabama, seeing the battleship lit up at night and going through the tunnel. the second most exciting part of the drive was counting garbage bags lying on the side of the road in mississippi to keep anthony awake (his 48 ounces of coffee finally wore off).

[funny billboard we passed on the way back to florida: dirty dick's crabshack]

impressions of new orleans: dirty and tacky (in that hooters and girls gone wild kind-of-way). there were large piles of trash on the sidewalks and the drifting sewage smell was reminiscent of chinese bathrooms. the beautiful architecture was offset by figurines of T and A. though i will concede that the food was quite quite good and their aquarium was superb! i love sea horses and sea dragons and jellyfishies - anthony and i took many many photographs. me with my nikon slr and anthony with our wee 2 megapixel digital camera. i now have a yearning for a digital slr. their convenience has finally won me over, methinks. *sigh* that $8,000 sticker price will go down one day (i tell myself).

oh yea! some guy tried to scam us! the "i bet you i know where you got your shoes" scam. we kept on walking - anthony & saad had no idea what he was talking about, but me being the sharp shooter i am, caught on as we walked away. ramon had told us about it previously (that same night he scared us about new orleans crime and how death lurked around every corner and down every alley). they bet you a certain dollar amount that they know where you got your shoes. if you take the bait, they reply with "on yo' feet!" and if you don't pay up they beat you up (or something equally bad, like a sicilian necktie). saad thought it would have been funny to get into semantics: "no, i HAVE them on my feet. i GOT them at a store. let's learn some grammar, shall we?"

all these images were taken with the digital by anthony before the battery conked out on him:

jesus penguin!

ramon & alexis had quite the beautiful wedding. his groom's cake had star wars figurines on it! little darth vader, little anakin and little yoda! it matched his "i do," which seemed deep and much like the vocal qualities of mr darth. open bar, we danced the afternoon away. getting tipsy and sobering up before it gets completely dark is draining and we ended up calling it an early night yet again (the night before we went to bed early after the rehersal dinner at margaritaville).

thank you photoshop!

my poor 2 megapixel camera can't
handle these dark shots...

it's so strange that ramon is gone! their honeymoon is a cruise to mexico, he's back in june (or is it july?) for a brief spell and then off to albuquerque and new mexico to start off his newly married life.



cookies that alexis' dad ordered with their picture on it!

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