free association & randomness

  1. quaint::old hurricane lamps
  2. rind::rend in two
  3. disease::bird flu, strep throat
  4. queer::the doors
  5. pork::pimples
  6. soaked::love the rain
  7. skeleton::something wicked this way comes! halloween!
  8. mold::bread... probably should check that...
  9. finished::with crappy jobs!
  10. buffalo::wings for which i often have strange cravings
over the weekend i visited parents before they left off for hong kong & china; they leave on monday. this trip i believe they are taking a jaunt to peking and shanghai. jealous much? though not of the 17 hr plane ride.

i'm feeling better - i think i might have/might have had strep throat. still feel kinda woozy. not very pleasant in the least. and classes + work is really rather draining. i keep thinking of getting a different job doing something less thought-involved. shelving books at borders was really rather mindless. but then again, it also paid less than half of what i make now. *SIGH*

here's a photo that'll lift my spirits:

: ) that's me and anthony when we were in china (last october-ish?). ah, good times and insanely good food. AND, no job. then again, fast running out of money, but pish! we had parents to take care of us. *laugh*

hopefully i'll feel better these next few days and my humor will improve. for now, i am just tired.


Sleep Goblin said...

Can your parents fit me in their suitcase?

Madge said...

Feeling better thoughts are headed your way. That picture is total cuteness!

kimberlina said...

sleep goblin: if we poke some holes, no problem! just sign this here waiver on the dotted line...

and thanks madge. :) i'm definitely feeling better now that classes and work are done for the day.