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da vinci

right. the "famed" da vinci code by mr dan brown, himself. i'm actually listening to this on my ipod.

comments? reviews?

mr brown has some interesting ideas and follows some very interesting trains of thought: the sacred feminine, the church and its many coverups and subterfuges of pagan religions.... hmm, well, ok, only 2 interesting lines of thought. hahaha!

i like that he's brought to light (i.e. freakishly-mass popularity) some of the crappiness of the church - its patriarchal-ness, how it has transformed itself into something special when all it is is another religion to follow, the bible is not the word of god, the idea of the sacred feminine in pagan religions & the gnostic and coptic gospels...

not to mention the freaking idea of thinking for oneself and not blindly following the church, for chrissakes!

but what i don't like is his exceedingly juvenile writing style. "the only light came from the glint of his eyes." are you effing serious? the dialogue is killing me and his characters vex my spleen. most of the dialogue is either expository on interesting themes (not too bad) or one line comments that come right after explaining how the character is feeling, like, "what is going on?" "i don't understand, robert." "what do you mean?" "i must get that gun."


perhaps some of the irritation regarding the characters comes from the fact that i'm listening to the audio book - the speaker's voices with french and english accents make me cringe most outwardly.

anyways, i give this book 2 out of 5 stars.

i may revise to 1 star when i visit europe again and i hear people talking about dan brown while viewing da vinci or boticelli.

*sigh* i need a good book to read.


Sleep Goblin said...

Whenever anyone wants a book, I always recommend House of Leaves. A very different kind of book that's easy to get lost in. Literally.

Sarah said...

Hey kim its sarah. You should have read the book. I read it and marcus listened to it on audio and there is a difference. Marcus said he wished he read it. I do agree some of his writing isn't very mature. I think he needs to work on that. Angels and Demons is the first book in the series and I like that more than this book.

Madge said...

I read nearly two pages of the DaVinci Code and then said to myself, "What the f*ck? This is like reading Christopher Pike or R.L. Stine. PASS." I liked the idea of the DaVinci Code, but when it came down to it, the writing was so silly I couldn't get beyond that first goofy murder scene...

FRITZ said...

Kimberlina: I am in such agreement with out. I hated the way that book was written, and I hated the fact that people liked to actually READ it. Now, I also enjoyed the 'research' on the sacred feminine. Here's what I think is funny:
Ever since I studied theology in college, I have long suggested to parents, friends, anyone who would listen, that perhaps Mary Magdalene was much more of a figure than she is given credit. People seemed to think that was blasphemous of me to say, especially my parents. But now, a MAN writes about it, and all I hear now is, "Well, you never know! It could be..."

Reading a good book: "The Geographer's Library". Historical, interesting, good characters, and NO CRAPPY WRITING.

kimberlina said...

YAY! book recommendations make me happy. i love reading other people's favorite books. you can learn so much about them, really, that way.

and fritz, yes, men always get the credit, didn't you know that? fight! fight! sometimes society makes me sad.

madge: i am so proud of you. you are stronger than i. *laugh* i brought this audio book along to keep me from falling asleep whilst driving to my parents, i wasn't strong enough to turn it off, and now i'm at the end and am sucked in, i want to know what happens. that cuts even deeper.

sleep gobbler: house of leaves... that sounds so damn familiar. i'll put a hold on it at the library. :)

sarah: sea turtles! now! sunday! yes?

Supermans Foot said...

so not one for christians and people of intelligecne then. Excellent. I think I'll read it

Madge said...

you are so funny.
if you go and see the movie, however, i will hunt you down and kill you. death to tom hanks! i know - i know, everybody loves the guy but me...

fb said...

Strangest casting call of all time...Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code.

kimberlina said...

madge, it's ok, i don't really like tom hanks either. well, except in splash and big.

and yes, very strange casting. oi.

Calzone said...

Madge..I'll kill Tom Hanks for you...for a favor.

FRITZ said...

Tom Hanks? Well, I never...that goody two shoe. I don't WANT to like him, but I do. But not in DaVinci Code. Bruce Campbell? Yes. Tom Hanks? Hell, no.

Kimberlina: Thanks for the vote of confidence on my HNT. Aren't dads a pain sometimes?

Let's see: My Favorite Books:
The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (any of her books are good)
Life of Pi Crap, I don't remember author and am too lazy to go look on bookshelf.
Lamb: The Gospel according to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. Don't be thrown off: it's an entire satire/poignant look at Christ's childhood. Hilarious and oh-so-perfect.

These are just some. Get back to me on them!

fb said...

There's a sketch type thing of mine from September...

Madge said...

Life of Pi: Yann Martel.

Pirate said...

Its about time. Does it read better in audio?

B.O.B.I. said...

OMG FRITZ! I thought the exact same thing! Bruce Campbell FTW!

As for the whole "research", "sacred feminine", blah blah blah... it's fiction. It's a made-up story. Yeah, some things might be true, but he's not stating that they are. The only parts he claims to be true are places and artifacts.

I don't have a problem with a lot of what he "says" in the book. Women were pivotal in religious ceremonies? That's cool. Men suck as policy makers? Ok, but women suck, too; be fair. Opus Dei is a creepy sect? Hell yeah.

I will never find it agreeable that some people use sex in ceremony, though. That's just too alien to me.

kimberlina said...

pirate: hmm... read better in audio? not sure. it depends on the person and how literary they like to think they are. i like to think i'm a small bit of a snob, so i can't say if i could have read it all the way through. a long car drive foisted the decision upon me. ;)

b.o.b.i.: weren't many societies matriarcal? (i could be talking out my ass here) at least, the idea of fertility goddess is definitely not new. as fritz said, very interesting ideas championing the feminine which unfortunately became popular from a male.