updates & news

this is an update to say i'll be mia for the next few days. i have a test monday, class till 9, test on tuesday, at school till 10.


good news:
going to bed before 1 am.
pumpkin carving bash went super well.
mulled wine was divine and there's even some left.
completely kicked a&p lab test's arse.
lots of pumpkin seeds to be toasted at a later date.

bad news:
i have a 6 page paper due on tuesday (as well as the test). i'm a slacker like that.
i think i'm going to do really poorly on this chem test coming up.
we're allowed to drop one test... i was hoping it would be the final.... but the way i've studied (or rather, not studied for this one.... i'm thinking this'll be the doozy.
i just need to get my head out of my little yellow butt and get over this chemistry block. get over it, kim! study, learn it, get the grade. simple, oui? oui.
but first, this test.
then paper.
then test again.
drink, sleep, toast seeds, sleep.
then get pictures up on flickr.

i just reread this post and found it to be rather un-flow-y. oh well.


Supermans Foot said...

I can work out what you mean, thats means this post is fine cos im stupib. hope you get your head straight and clear, remember to take breaks to avoid confusion and good luck

fb said...

We'll wait patiently for you to go and do science stuff in the meantime.

Have you finshed yet!?

Madge said...

MIA!? It sounds like a nice place to be, actually.

good luck getting things all figured out. in the meantime, i will be catching up on the gimchi archives. you've been doing this gig for some time now!

Rowan said...

Hope you can commit yourself to staying away, I never can for some reason.

FRITZ said...

Man, it brings back college times.
I miss it. I was a lot like you...put it off, put it off...

What's your major? Is it Organic-Chem? I never took it; only the smart kids took that...premed.

Good lucks to you.

kimberlina said...

finished! huzzah! we'll see how i did on that chem test today, eh? *cringe*

fritz: i actually already have a degree. studio art! i'm going back for pharmacy.

Rowan said...

Would you kindly do this for me? Buddies

fb said...

What is studio art?

kimberlina said...

ahhh... studio art. basically i make art, all day, every day in class. at least, i did. pretty nice. i have no idea how to make a portfolio, though, or send my work to a gallery, or draw up an artist's statement.

also, i lack motivation - a key element in majoring in studio art and making some semblance of a living after college. ;)

anyways - my specific area was printmaking. painting has always eluded me.

fb said...

So u could print your own money?

What is the capital of Kimberlina?

And the currency?