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anyways. i broke my rule of blogging with a slide. oh well. i'm chumming and i don't care! tonight is girlfriend sweatshop at star's house - most hopefully i'll get the rest of the slides tonight.

so my job is now requiring females to wear pantyhose with skirts.

seriously, is there anything more anachronistic? requiring pantyhose was ok in the 50s, right? but it's 2005! FIVE! did you get that? we don't wear hose if we don't want to, get it?! we can still look professional with BARE LEGS showing! *gasp* (oh, the horror, women's BARE legs?! cover those things!)

*sigh* i don't get exceedingly angry very often. when people try to convince me to eat at hooters, i get angry. when people push their views on other people, i get angry. when people tell me that i have to wear certain undergarments, i get angry.

yes, hosiery is considered an undergarment. it serves no useful purpose. "they" say that it helps keep you warm. are you kidding me? that flimsy little fabric? maybe if i were wearing leggings, yes. nylon? fuck no.

i was attempting to write coherently, but this is just turning into an amorphous rant. my apologies.

pantyhose is binding. it's uncomfortable. the crotch rides down till you're walking with it between your thighs. it makes toes cramp and can cause yeast infections. nylon is occlusive and makes my feet sweat even more. it gets runs within an hour, either from your hands putting it on or your toes from walking.

"they" say it looks professional. what makes it so professional? it makes your legs look even and smooth! so, having people judge how my legs look is professional?

and guys don't even have to wear ties! they want it for professionalism? what about TIES?! effing christ. not that ties even come close to what pantyhose are for women. YOU try wearing a little shrunken, binding nylon mesh crap for a few days - see how you're feeling then. you tell me how professional you feel. we don't even have clients that walk our halls, for pete's sake!

i must subvert in my own way. today i wore fishnet pantyhose. i have 5 pairs of hose - mostly decorative and one white pair. oh, i'll wear 'em all right. i can't promise they'll be "professional," but i'll be within dress code and "they" can't send me home to change. i'm considering buying a larger size so that the stockings will bunch around my ankles. how awesome would that be?

damn, i hate sexism.


Anonymous said...

Is 'professional' Thursday only going to be around for 5 weeks considering that you only have 5 pairs of hose? As a man, I would consider trying to wear hose under my pants at work to see exactly how it feels to be 'professional.' Problem is....I would have to shave my legs and then my wife would find out.....sounds like trouble. I'll stick to being a hoseless non-prof. By the way, as an enhancement to your arguement (ranting), it will be 2006! (SIX!) in about two weeks.

Madge said...

I have worn "hoes" twice in my life - and you're dead-on with how much they suck. I once read a Dear Abby wherein an elderly woman offered this advice: when your hoes have snags & you're ready to ditch them, cut off the legs and use the waist part as a strapless bra. But I digress in the name of thrifty hoes.

There were dress-code policy changes at my beloved place of employment recently and women were given two pages of no-nos! and that's-oks! Men? 2 FUCKING SENTENCES.

But that's okay, right? I mean, if a woman is raped, it's probably because of what's she wearing.

There is no difference - the logic is a disgrace to women everywhere. At my job, we wrote a letter in protest. We were successful in making (some) changes.

And by the way, you have sexy legs Kimberlina!

Supermans Foot said...

nice legs darling. (that sexist enough?)

Monkey said...

I believe that this is the best, classiest HNT picture I have ever seen. It deftly straddles that line between Fully Klothed Thursday and Half-Nekkid. Bravo!

And I despise it when people demand I eat at Hooters "for the curly fries". Grrrr.

kimberlina said...

anon - i say do it! if it's in the name of learning, do it! and mayhaps, i know this "anon"? mayhaps? fun at the cirque?

madgie - ... wear the waist of "hoes" as a STRAPLESS BRA?! that is insane! good thing all i really need are two band-aids. and thanks for the compliment! ::blush::

superman - damn. pretty damn good. ;)

monkey - thanks! i'm kinda adverse to spelling things incorrectly-on-purpose. you know, unless i want to, of course. this woman at work has tried to get me to eat at hooters 3 times. i tell her that for me, it's the principle of the thing, and i don't like to eat there. and she asks, "what if they had the best dessert there?! you still wouldn't eat there?!

Sleep Goblin said...

You are the coolest girl I don't know. I'd love to see pictures of you with your hose are your ankles. DS and I are laughing just imagining it. I'd do it with you if I worked there :)

FRITZ said...


Thank you for wearing them. What a great pair of stems, there.

By the Way:I GOT ENGAGED. Read my blog for details. I'm telling everyone.

B.O.B.I. said...

Dayumn! That pic is hawt! I realize this probably isn't what you were going for, but I most definitely favor fishnet over nylon whatever-the-hell-that-shit-is.

Plus I don't understand why women wear skirts in the winter anyway. I want to scream at them, "It's fucking ten below zero! Put some pants on, you stupid bitch!"

kimberlina said...

sleep - yay! a comrade in arms! or, should i say, legs? bwahahahaha! i crack me up.

fritz - super super congrats! heading over there regularly to get updates updates! :D

bobi - aw, thanks! not quite what i was going for, but i think you get what i mean. i'm all for pantyhose, only when it's optional. you should also whap said women in skirts in freezing weather with a glove. and say that phrase in an english accent.

ShyRocket said...

Fantastic legs... the gold fabric makes it look either sophisticated or rustic... I'll take the former. Great shot!