so. confession.

i was obsessed with the mickey mouse club in middle high (edit: wait, maybe it was middle school. 1993? 8th grade? man, it's still so painful to watch.) school. erika (more here and here) and i would watch and tape episodes (VHS, bitches!) each afternoon. one of the best gifts erika gave me was a mix tape of MMC songs. actually, as i was telling this to anthony, i realized that what really happened was that erika made it for herself and then i coerced her to make me a copy. i'm a good friend like that. oh yea.

in any case, below is one of our favorites, just for you! we had the HUGEST crush on the lead singer, matt morris. who apparently has his own site! who'da thunk? thank god he's lost the coif, but he still seems weirdly arrogant.

erika actually knew this entire dance (i was never so talented). perhaps one day i'll be able to surreptitiously video a part of it for you. you won't be sorry.

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Madge said...

to still have a friend from middle school!

you are so so lucky and you need to video her dancing.