how to make the best fish ever.

a long time ago, my dad showed me how he makes his incredible pan-fried fish. tender, juicy, flaky, perfectly salted with ginger and scallions. it's amazing, a sublime work of art.

and i totally made it 2 nights ago.

:: directions ::

1) (amateur) chef required

la chef

yes, i'm wearing clothes, not just an apron and a cardigan. and yes, that's an apron from home depot. thanks, brian!

2) fish, preferably pre-gutted. this one is a pompano and was given to me, frozen, by my dad. i was a little distressed at the blood, which is why i didn't show this part to anthony. he was sleeping off a headache and probably would have kind of freaked out.


3) rice is optional, but highly recommended. go ahead and start it cooking. i love my 3 cup rice cooker. i've had this baby for nigh 10 years and she's steered me straight and true. except for the one time i opened her up to find a soggy moldy mess. that was not a good time in our relationship.

cooking... cooking....

4) liberally sprinkle salt on one side of the fish. a pretty good amount. flip it over. salt the other side and sprinkle some white pepper on it. let it sit for about 10 minutes.

5) during this time, cut up some ginger and scallion. peel and matchstick slice the ginger.

counter space

don't mind the red onion and broccoli. that was the side dish. i ended up cutting up more ginger mid-way through cooking the fish, though. and seriously? the more scallion, the better. MORE SCALLION!

6) heat a large pan that has a lid on high. put in a "medium amount of oil." let the pan get hot and then drop the fish in. realize that the fish is too big and cut the tail off clumsily with a pair of kitchen shears.

too big ums

7) cover the fish, turn the heat to medium. oh yea, put the ginger sticks on top of the fish. cook for approximately 15 minutes (my fish was approximately 10 inches long, sans tail) on one side. tilt the pan to move the oil around the fish. it's gonna sizzle and start to smell good. real good.

8) so now it's going to be all nice & brown and crispy (if it's not kind of crispy, cook it a little longer; soggy fish skin is good, but it isn't melt-your-face incredible). turn it over, pour a tidge more oil on the fish and drop the scallions on top. cook for 15 minutes and tilt the pan occasionally. allow the mouth to salivate openly.


9) enjoy consuming the fish, eating as much of the head as you feel comfortable eating. for me and anthony, this is none at all. however, fish cheeks are delicious. the best way to eat a whole fish is to eat one side, exposing the length of prickly spine and then flip it over, eating the rest.

... i think there might be leftovers in the fridge. hmmm..............


fb said...

Were you suspended from the ceiling when you took the picture?

lepetitdoodler said...

wahaha... LIAR! you're only wearing a cardigan underneath that home depot apron.

omg, you're a riot. i think i'm going to go make some, er, cook some fish now.