the sloughing

mon.thly.info, originally uploaded by gimchi.

this site rocks my uterus.

i never used to keep track of this kind of stuff, but IT'S AMAZING. i only wish i could somehow friend my fellow vajayjays a la facebook.



Fraulein N said...

Awesome! Because lord knows I can't keep track of this stuff on my own. Now I don't have to feel like a moron when the doctor asks me.

Sleep Goblin said...

Seriously FN, I'm the same way... they ask and I'm like... um? Have I had one lately? who knows, I don't keep up with this crap.

I'm trying it right now!

Also, gimchi, I'm totally impressed with your bravery.. I'm not sure I could just tell everyone when I'm ovulating. But then.. my husband's grandmother is a faithful reader :P

madge said...