moustachio'd bunnies

moustachio'd bunnies, originally uploaded by gimchi.

at meaghan's behest:

this is one of the little bunnies i'm making (courtesy of wee wonderfuls) for a few of my friends who are all sorts of knocked up!

i embroidered the eyes and found it lacking somehow. anthony suggested the mustache and voila! instant french.


Madge said...

can i commission a soul patch?

Sleep Goblin said...

you are so adorable!!!! i hope we're closer when rob finally gets a job!!

Michelle said...

They are, how you say, fabulous! I should get knocked up again just to get one... no wait, sanity has returned.

fb said...

Ooh, fun with facial hair...drop handlebar, pirate beard and tache combo but don't try the Chaplin it might look too much like a bunny dictator! ;)