kung hei fat choi!

this was the first year (of many) red-envelope-free chinese new years. it's like the end of an era. somehow, i still thought that with being married, i might still get a sympathy red envelope. you know, with like, $2 tucked away inside. NEGATORY. the good of course, being, that i'm blissfully taken.

ah, the young carefree days of smoke-filled parties with illicit gambling in the back rooms and the loud crash of mah-jong tiles. frilly, lacey dresses and ruffled socks. and yet still running around outside in the parking lot screaming my head off playing chinese freeze tag and setting off fireworks. and pockets and fistfuls of red envelopes, brimming over and thickly smooth with cold hard cash. mine and my brother's main source of income! those nintendo games didn't pay for themselves. hellooOOOo track & field!

in any case, naynayfazz did a little post on how depressing her chinese horse horoscope was for the year of the ox. i don't expect mine to be that great since, well, ox people aren't my strong suit. an ox year for a sheep/goat? oy. but here are some of my "highlights":

Goat Overview

This may not be as favorable as a year that you desire. (yay?)
The Goat is artistic in nature and you may have difficulties finding a way to express your creative passions. (i am so feeling this. *sigh*)

Goat Rating

32% (5 neutral and 7 unfavorable months) (w.t.f.)

Goat Career

Projects and goals may not mature until the early part of next year and this could create a sense of frustration and pessimism if you allow it. (eerily true! but probably ubiquitous.)

Goat Wealth

Finances could be an issue this year. You may find that even with your conservative efforts, you are coming up short on your budget. If you manage your spending and plan your finances, you will make it through the year. You may have to wait until next year to see the fruits of your labor, as it promises to be more profitable than this year. (ughughugh! why was i so fast and loose with my student loans?!?! *cry*)

continuing onwards, i have cleaned out the house and am relaxing for these few days post-new years. don't clean for 3 days lest you sweep out any good fortune! showering doesn't count. and february 9th is the lantern festival. that same week we get to attend a wedding in orlando and take some days off work! i am counting down the days to freedom.

i've been really random the last few weeks. blips of thought from here and there. it may be the high pollen count. fuzziness. or the increase in tuna mercury from all the sushi i've been ingesting. and my newfound oral allergies have been flaring like no one's business. i ate some frozen jackfruit at my parent's house and my tender mouth insides were screaming at me in itchy pain.

... lots of stuff still coursing through my synapses, but i can barely make heads or tails of them. just flashes of light and feeling. i'll settle myself in my clean-sheeted bed and read a little, methinks.

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lepetitdoodler said...

What the... weren't goats down on luck last year? So why are we down on lucy again this year? Dude, I need to buy some red undies to wear all year round. I hear they improve your luck...