my brother, sommelier in training

dr. loosen....my new best friend, originally uploaded by {cwp}.

disclaimer - i did not take this photo (i only wish i had.)

for the reception, my brother, vince, assisted me in selecting a number of insanely delicious wines. ... ok, i lie, he chose them all. i simply guzzled them. i am still guzzling them 3 months later.

should you wish, i'll include them here so you may partake:

dr. loosen riesling (germany)
carmel road chardonnay (california)
laetitia pinot noir (california - arroyo grande valley)
marchese antinori chianti classico (italia, of course)

please do try them! most especially the riesling and the pinor noir. they'll melt your face, i promise.

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fb said...

Hmmm, melt my face? Curious expression ;)

Happy New Year!