we're like THIS

we're like THIS, originally uploaded by gimchi.

congratulations, president obama!

as you can see, we're such good friends. he's a good listener, you know? it was so nice of him to drop by my inaugural ball last night. it was small, but relaxing. we got dressy and had some friends over for cupcakes and fizzy lifting drinks.

and so this morning... not feeling so clear. fizzy lifting drinks make for fuzzy brains. sql query writing not coming so hard and fast. slow and steady wins the race (my morning mantra).

random bits of brain activity:

- i'm considering removing this damn jade bracelet. it's driving me INSANE and this morning i dreamt that i was able to take it off easily and without protest.

- chinese new year is january 26th! year of the ox.

- brain still fuzzy.

- when a recipe says to whisk vigorously, do it. otherwise you end up with snot runny icing. thanks to anthony for saving the cupcakes!


Sleep Goblin said...

1. take the damn thing off! butter, soap, anything!

2. i want to celebrate. anything i should know about?

3. same here, and i didn't even really celebrate. one glass of wine. i'm blaming mine of all the nightmares and lack of sleep.

4. good to know! i think i need a better whisk though.

Michelle said...

LOVE the picture! How did you do it?

Sorry for the fuzzy brain, but well worth the celebration!

I have a flat whisk, and it is the best thing EVER! We use it all the time in the kitchen. For some reason it's easier for me to whisk with that than a traditional one...

Naynayfazz said...

I just wrote a blog about the Chinese new year. It told me basically I suck. Really, it did.