quite possibly, the shit

my friends, that's what this is.

the shit.

after many years of coveting and admiring and adoring this little tin package, i finally realized my dream and purchased this little beauty.

if you wish to spend $25 on expensive (and beautifully packaged) hot chocolate, then this is the one to pick. what's nice is that you can choose between a thicker european style and a lighter, creamier american style. because all it appears to be are a bunch of choco-shavings. or you can just mix it up and make a thigh-fattening creamy mix of the two styles. a little taste of.... heaven. and if you put it in the fridge... instant chocolate pudding!

last night i actually made it correctly and it was sooo good. ignore the directions regarding heating the liquid, for the most part. if you do as they say and pour nearly boilt water/milk on top of the shavings, it's not going to melt correctly. even if you heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds, as they recommend. you NEED to heat the milk on the stove (not boiling) then add the shavings. and mix it for a while. because nothing sucks more than drinking badly-made, watery & expensive hot chocolate. with little soggy chocolate shaving inclusions. very distressing.

i feel kind of lame writing this post, because it's basically a product review, but whatever. skim it and be done with it! it makes me feel productive.


Sleep Goblin said...

ooooh! i do love that little tin too! so does it have spices in it? i think that's what aztec means in the case of hot chocolate.

Madge said...

yum yum