the year in which i turn 30

upon awakening this morning:

me: *groaning* i feel like i drank last night.
anthony: *barely awake* me too. ... oh wait, i did drink.
me: oh. yea, me too.

2009 - welcome!

btw - if you're bored and have time to waste viewing 1,000+ photos, here are our wedding photos!

sadly, we must be getting old if 1 beer and 1 glass of wine will aid in incapacitating us the next day. i'm sure it also has to do with going to bed at 1 am. i'll console myself with that. don't worry, that piddling amount of alcohol wasn't for the new year.

the new year saw us at our friend's house surrounded by children and fireworks and festivities. it was very relaxed and quite a bit of fun. that night was 3 beers and a little champagne. (i know, slow it down, right?)

it just didn't feel like a new year. perhaps it's the unseasonably warm weather. perhaps it's that i had to work during the day. time is such a strange and relative... "thing". amorphous blob. entity. just an arbitrary date to stop and reflect and consider one's yearly "accomplishments."

[current favorite song: the lawless days of drinking whiskey in the 10th grade; volta do mar - strange and quiet and then fast and picky and jangly. it gets good around 2:50 and 4:10. mmm.]

accomplishments during 2008: got hitched! did some stuff. did some more stuff. got a raise. graduated! spent time in gainesville!

honestly, that's all i can remember (AND i cheated by browsing my archives). and while i can appreciate and understand the need for self-reflection, this is what it all boils down to: right now, though my fingers are cold and i have to work the friday after new year's day, i'm really happy and my life is blissful.

2009 hankerings

> eat out a maximum of once a week
> drink more water
> save lots o' money
> think about learning chinese
> be more creative
> spent at least 1 hr/week in my factory (aka atelier, aka sweatshop, aka practically unused room which i pay for)
> watch less tv
- i.e. no more weekly marathons of the entire full metal alchemist canon
> buy 1 pair of camper shoes
> purge what i do not use
> take and print more photos
> try to have a camera on my person at all times

and speaking of cameras... anthony and i both got new cameras!

he got the canon g10, which i am kind of swooning over. it's actually making me want a canon (sorry, little nikon!) it's got these wonderful hard button knobs, just like my manual nikon. heart! and the display is just fantastic. very intuitive and it shows all the information you need in a very pleasing way.

and for christmas, anthony got me a holga. 120 film! i'm so excited to see how it'll turn out. the mental thought process is exceedingly striking when going from a digital camera (with practically unlimited image capture ability) to a film camera which can only take 12 images, 16 at most. i loaded the film, took one picture and thought, "one down, 11 left to go." and then i set it down. it's like i have to savor them! it's strange, but not unpleasant. like cross-dressing, mayhaps.

and, some pics from the holidays - got to practice using that canon!

thanksgiving at the park
thanksgiving at the park! we played lots of boggle and read in the sun on a yellow blanket.

new camera!


Naynayfazz said...

You and the hubby seriously are so adorable. I loved your wedding photos. I don't have time to look at 1000 of them but hopefully I will soon. :)

When do you turn 30? As you know I just did and it isn't so bad. I'm a big kid now! :)

Here's to a happy, healthy and fun 2009. Looking forward to spending it with you, so to speak. :)

Sleep Goblin said...

my new craft room is like... 1/3 of the way put together.. i'm so stoked to have a part time jobby job where i can play in my new craft room all afternoon!

i'd learn chinese with you!

Madge said...

your wedding pictures! i love them!

i am prone to the same lame hangovers.

have fun with your holga! i can't wait to see your photos...