meet & greet


anthony's parents recently got a new puppy! her name is missy and she's incredibly cute and fast. this picture belies her size - she's about 7 lbs and smaller then our cats. every time i saw her, i couldn't stop the girly exclamations from pouring out of my mouth, it was utterly reflex.


look at those bat ears! and the whiskers! her tail is longer than usual and kinked, like a pig's. i'll have to see if i can get a non-obscene picture.

anyone have a 4 day work week? don't they feel longer somehow? mentally, i know the weekend will soon be here, but it still feels like tomorrow should be friday.

i'm excited to:
- rework my website
- potentially look into a photography business
- (you know, to add to my totally rockin' and highly lucrative crafts/arts business)
- try out my old lens on my new camera
- bring my camera to work in my new camera bag (count 'em, three)
- find new music to listen to! (suggestions?)

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