sewing maniac

dress, fifty percent complete.

it's kinda way too big - but in some aspects that's good. the knit fabric i used is waaaay too thin to be as tight a dress as it's supposed to be. unless maybe i doubled it up.

BUT, i'm fairly certain i can adjust it to fit AND leave out the tiny cap sleeve that wasn't even in the package. thank you, vogue 2091, for being the wrong size and missing pieces.

this fabric though? heaven. it's like i'm not wearing anything. i wish wish wish i'd started this sooner so i could wear it asap - i love the way it feels.


Sleep Goblin said...

i love the sleeves and neckline like that. tres chic!

The Sweets said...

hey- you sewing that knit with your trusty ole machine? am very impressed... and jealous.